Full Spoon


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A classic retro fish shape. Remember your knee board I shaped you in 1973? Well it's back, better, and now you can stand on it.

Story behind the model: “My first job at 15 at Sunset Surfboards was shaping these fishes, and I continue making them in authentic way.”

Standard Configuration:

Length: 5'- 7'6"
Width: 19.5" - 23"
Thickness: 2" - 3"
Bottom: single Concave between fins starting midway, Bevelled Rail in the nose
Tail: Fish
Fins: Two Glass-on or Two Fin System
Color: Custom color available
Available in: Polyurethane

Features and Benefits:

Classic retro glassing and acid tint. Polyester and polyurethane. Comes with glass on or Fin system. It is designed for the retro glide and is great for down the line small waves. This is your board if you want a blast from the past surfing in the 70’s.

"Got my new Fish and was getting just as many waves as the longboarders. Best board I’ve ever owned!"
— Fred Mc Surfer : March 2016

"Nice and snappy like a standard shortboard but quick & fast like a fish. The best of both worlds!"
— Joe Van de Pipe : December 2015