ALL IN! The Atlantic Standup Paddle Crossing


f you want to set big goals and achieve them this book will show you how to go "All In" and succeed at anything!

In 2017 Chris Bertish became the first person ever to stand-up paddleboard across any ocean. Defying all odds, he paddled 4050 miles, solo, unassisted and unsupported, for 93 days across the Atlantic Ocean, from Morocco, Africa to Antigua in the Caribbean.

During three months at sea he was stalked by a great white shark, towed by a giant sea squid, capsized multiple times and surfed down 10-meter waves as challenging as anything he had faced in the Mavericks Big Wave Surfing Championships.

All In! documents the incredible journey of one man, driven by passion and powered by a purpose greater than himself to give back, inspire millions and achieve what everyone told him was simply impossible. It will get you motivated and inspired to go "All In!" on your own personal journey and achieve anything - even the seemingly impossible!

Whether your goal is to head up your department, reach a seemingly impossible sales target, attain a tertiary degree, achieve your first ever 5-mile, triathlon, or just have your best year ever... this book is for you and will change your life.

This edge-of-your seat story will help you clarify your objectives, anticipate and adapt to change, persevere through any challenges life throws at you, and stay resilient and focused to emerge triumphant.